Buy-side non compete

Anyone went from one shop to another while under non compete? What is the process? If someone can PM it will be greatly appreciated

I just know how it works for our guys. We (or they, rather) don’t technically have a non-compete. They go on garden leave for 3 months (sometimes six but that’s really rare). After that they’re free to join their new firm. They do have a non-solicit agreement whereby they can’t bring over anyone from our firm for a time. Generally six months to a year.

That probably in no way helps you. But I’m still upset with you because I’m only on book six of WoT and it’s consumed my life. Only eight more to go!

Thanks, yeah, this situation is a bit different. I gave up after book 3, i just could not take it. It was draging on and on and on, but maybe i got used to fast paced Sanderson and or Abercombie.

I am reading right now Book 3 in Stormlight Archive, it is pretty decent.

Yeah, both of those guys, particularly Abercrombie, don’t waste any time getting to the action. WoT is a good change of pace, IMO. But it definitely takes commitment when they’re aimlessly wandering through the woods for a hundred pages.