Buyer Beware: Daren Miller Grading service

What a horrible experience with Daren Miller at Fintalex. In late December, I saw Daren Miller post an add for his grading services, he was also a forum sponsor. He offered 2 graded mocks with live feedback via whatsapp or skype. This costed $ 275 USD (after conversion from CAD) !!!

I checked out his website and he seemed legit, and gave lots of testimonials. It mentioned quick turn-around time but I don’t recall exactly what it said. Since he was a forum sponsor, that was good enough and I paid the fees.

The first mock is suppose to come 3/1 and the second one in 5/1.

Daren was prompt in collecting payment. On 3/6, I found it odd I didnt get any mocks yet so I emailed him… He promptly responded that he was finishing up and getting feedback, and that I would have the mock very shortly and will be graded promptly.

On 3/15, I finally received his first mock, and I submitted it back to him for grading on 3/18. I was very excited and eagerly awaited his email with my score. I patiently waited and on 3/22, I sent him an email to check if he received my mock. No response…

On 3/28, I sent him another email and this time I got a response… he said he would have it graded by the weekend. I tell myself, great! And I patiently wait again… the weekend comes and goes… no response… the next weekend comes and goes… no response. And uh another weekend comes and goes… no response.

On 4/17, I sent him another email asking what the status is on the graded exam… no response.

On 4/22 (today), I asked for a full refund and will see what he says.

I started to search the forums for other users that have used his grading service. No one seemed to provide any feedback on the forums. I personally PM’d several users from last year that mentioned using his services. Ah huh… now I’m onto something. Every person tells me the same thing. They too got delayed services , this guy took forever to grade their exams, and in some instances, he failed to grade their exam altogether!. Why did they not post their feedback to warn other??? I don’t know.

To me, it appears this guy is a part timer… he has a real job somewhere else and likes to make extra cash on the side… One of the questions on his mock has to do with Corner Portfolios. I thought that to be odd because corner portfolios as we know are pretty much eliminated from the exam. Again, a guy not fully in-touch with the latest revisions of the exam… Nonetheless, as CFA Charterholder, he must have some problem with ethics to ignore emails and promote services that he cannot deliver.

The only way Daren can now redeem himself, at least to me, is to provide me with a full refund. I will post an update if / when he does.

By the way, i did ask the moderator if it was okay posting this about a sponsor, which was confirmed.

Although i like his teaching style but this attitude is horrible. Thank you for sharing your experience 125mph!!! I hope you get your refund.

This post comes at an interesting time. Last Friday I was talking with someone (not a candidate) about Daren, and he, too, said that he hadn’t heard from Daren in quite a while. I e-mailed a mutual friend and he, too, said that he hasn’t heard from Daren recently. Then I e-mailed Chad Sandstedt here, and he said that he hasn’t heard from Daren since the end of his tour in March.

I’m concerned that something’s happened to Daren. Seriously.

Daren responded, said refund granted.

no explanation or excuses. Thats fine, hope the refund indeed shows up in a week on cc statement.

My experience was pleasant with Daren Miller. He gave me constructive feedback on both of my exams, helped me prepare well.

$275 to make and grade two mock exams? That strikes me as a very profitable business even with modest scale.

Dont doubt he did all that for you. After all, he’s been in this business for some time… but promptness is not his forte… in fact, I’ll have graded to your this weekend and then nada for 3 weeks is not the business I would engage.

It could be that I did the mock way too early, earlier then he could anticipate… but why the excuses and lies? If you do a search for Daren Miller, I belevie some dudes that paid for 2 grading sessions only got 1 graded and the 2nd exam was provided only a few days before the exam and wasnt graded. (2018 year).

I have to interject here and provide my view…

I HAD AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH DAREN M. I passed this year and I owe it to him. I took his weekly courses in Vancouver and one week Calgary review course. He was instrumental in my success. He provided guidance and coaching outside of class to every client. He spent time with each of us one on one when we needed it. He was exceptional at motivating us. He had two mocks for us and marked both with lots of feedback on time. I have immense respect for the guy and anyone would be lucky to participate in his class and have his help for their CFA journey.

I am not sure what happened with you 125mph but perhaps a miscommunication or unforeseen circumstances! I like to add throughout my studies I got to know Daren very well and can vouch for him as a an amazing person who genuinely wants to help Candidates pass these exams. They guy lives and breathes CFA and makes it his business to help his clients. He is simply a GEM. Lastly my understanding is that he is working mostly on referral now which means someone has to refer you to him so you can work with him. He does not need to be one of these cookie cutter big providers who just see you as a number and give zero F*ck if you pass or fail.

i learn about essay style anwers from his Wiley video on 2017.

but i just use his grading services first time on 2019.

i put his mock exam near end of real exam (i am too busy with CFAI old, bloomberg, fitch and mark meldrum mock)

his grading mine very fast not more than 1 day, very valuable.

also quite surprised 1 question on 2nd mock very similiar on the real exam.

the night before exam i have question about Intermarket Currency Trade, i try contact 3 of my providers, Daren is the one who give me quick response at that time.

Thanks Daren !!

word… we’re in the wrong business line :grin:

I started with Darren in Calgary in 2017. I found him very knowledgeable and I am a CFA and owe it to him. He is by far one of the most trustworthy and reliable instructors I have met. I highly recommend his service