Buying a Ruby

Looking for guidance from anyone who has bought one of these before.

Why a ruby?

its to symbolize a pomegranate

Persephone and Hades fetish?

Why a pomegranate?

It’s for the butt.

mail order?

Y’all are useless (with the exception of KMD, that was actually educational).

WYG and his woman. So romantic…

Image result for persephone and hades

giver her the ruby, WYG… she can never leave. muahahaaaaaa!

Pomegranates are cool.

Alas, I don’t know much about rubies; they’re red corundum, the same mineral as sapphires. That’s about it. I prefer emeralds.

Best of luck on getting some useful information. Sorry I couldn’t provide any. I would have if I could have.

Don’t bother buying a Ruby. Just head in to town and bone the crippled Vietnam vet’s wife.


WYG please clarify / elaborate

KMD - we could have used you last friday…

S2000 - no worries, thank you

TtM - i had asian fever a few times, im immune now

BS - what can i say bro, need an ace up my sleeve in case things get boring haha

what a sad song.

A Ruby Murray?