Buying ELAN guide mocks!! So F-ing annoying!!!!

I’m trying to purchase the ElanGuide Mocks…have some major difficulties…

They still recognize me a L1’er and won;t take me to the L2 mocks!! Anyone had difficulty with this?? So frustrating

Yea I had this problem, you have to call them and tell them that they need to reclassify you as a Level II Candidate. Once they do that you can buy the Elan Material for Level 2. You will know when they do it because on the drop down box on the top right will change from Level 1 to Level 2.

Or do what I did and just create a new login.

Great product, terrible website.

Are the mocks available yet?..The website says May…

no not yet

I created a new login. Weird website

they said the mock 1 will be available on april 30. Knowing elan, add a few days. Mock 2 will be available second or third week of may cant remember

i am still overwhelmed by practice quizzes dont wanna see mock again until finishing quizzes and bb