Buying wrong Level study material from Wiley/Elan

So like a dumbass, I brought the Level I study package from Wiley instead of Level II. Now I am wondering if anybody has ever experince a similar problem ? If anybody has been through this, do you know if its easy or complicated to change my study package from Level I to Level II. I am gonna give them a call once they open Monday morning, but I am currently freaking out right now ($650 worth of freaking out!), and any assurance that I can fix my problems easily would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, everybody in advance.

I wouldn’t worry about it; I imagine you’re the 1000th person to do the same thing. I’ll be shocked if Wiley doesn’t fix it for you immediately.

even if they don’t fix it, you can probably savage 50% reselling it on ebay or other site

If they haven’t shipped it yet, you shouldn’t have a problem.

They only have the electronic version right now with the videos online…also you should have asked for their 40 percent discount.

Retester’s discount?

well they have that and returning customers. I used their stuff for level I and they gave me the 40 percent discount code.

Well I am a new customer though, I used Schweser last year for Level I and figured I will try Elan this yer.

Me too…:slight_smile:

No worries we’ll take care of you. We do have a policy of no refunds for the ebook product … but in this case we can help you out since it was an honest mistake. Please mention Peter Milburn posted to your reply when you talk to support rep so they know.

Hi Peter,

I got it sorted out and have my level II stuff now.