buyside (non analyst) v research ass.

Would you prefer to work on the buyside in a non financial analysis role or on the sellside as a research associate?

Definitely sell-side research associate. Generally speaking, I advise my clients to choose jobs that are most likely to equip them with skills and backgrounds that will translate to the jobs they hope to attain in the future. If you were to work in an administrative or operating role in a buy-side firm, that would be more akin to doing the same role in a non-finance firm than an actual investment analysis role. In contrast, as a research associate on the sell-side, you’re developing the tactical skills such as modeling, writing, and analyzing companies that buy-side employers value, not to mention that you also have the opportunity to build connections with buy-side clients while you’re on the sell-side.

What kind of buy side role are you talking about? Operation, BD/RM, investment strategist…shiet kicker…

This really isn’t a buyside / sellside question. How can you possibly compare a non-financial analysis role vs one that is?

iteracom said what I was getting at in a much more succinct manner. Bravo