By what way and how voting all proxies may not benefit client? Please give an example if possible

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If the maximum possible benefit to the investors is, say, $10,000, and it would cost $20,000 to do the proper research to vote the proxies responsibly, then it is in the clients’ best interest not to spend the $20,000; if you don’t do the research, it is irresponsible to vote the proxies.

Have you though of contributing to the CFA curriculum mr magician :slight_smile:

I just finished writing a Stalla Study Guide for a Level III reading and am working on another, along with flashcards, stand-alone questions for each LOS, and item sets. I applied for an opening at CFA Institute to work on the curriculum team, but haven’t heard back. An employee there said that they’re notoriously slow, however.

Mr./Ms. Magician is the biggest help I’ve ever found on online forums. The way he explains difficult concepts to you through examples, makes the concepts sink in and stay with you for a long time. Hey! I’ve got some questions of my own, I’ll be posting here in time. Do take your time and answer them. Please. Hats off buddy!!!

Mr./Ms. Magician, you have a very easy way to deal with tough questions. I appreciate it! Thank you!

I agree!

kudos my friend!! a gain to Stalla, a loss to CFAI :slight_smile:

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