Bye-bye CFAI Books

Well, I’ve reviewed all the end of chapter problems in the CFAI books and now I’m ready to put them away, hoping to never have to look at them again. By the end of the week, I will have gone through the Schweser books again one last time and put them away for good. It’s crunch time folks.

all schweser books in 1 week ?? About 1 book a day… WOW

I’ve already reviewed them weeks back. This is my final final review.

pimp, are end of chapter questions really critical? I don’t think I will have time…

I think they are very helpful. Many of them are similar to the old sample test questions. Some are more in-depth and out of scope. Review the answers to them at least if you don’t have much time.

I think the EOC CFAI questions are critical. The Schweser questions are sometimes overly simple and do not ask some of the same types of questions the CFAI books do. I failed L3 last year. There were several questions I could answer perfectly well in Schweser format that CFAI asked differently on the test and I could not answer. Even if you do not have time to work them all. Review them for sure to see which are the ones that Schweser did not cover well or at all.

ok you guys are right, The Rick thank you for your input, I guess I better get on it… damn, will this ever end? Heeeeeee heeeeeeee thanks guys

I just finished 1 run through of all end of chapter questions and volume 1 the three tests… the CFA end of chapter questions are much more difficult and calculation intensive… I am unsure what the test will look like but there are some sections that if it was like the CFA end of chapter, i would just write it off.

What u guys think about CFAI Text problems for Reading 44 Global Perf Eval? That is a monster. I skipped this one first time around. but debating if I should try them now.

I agree CFAI Reading 44 has some monster problems that should be attempted only if you have time IMO. I think some of them are more time consuming than could realistically be put on an exam. I skipped those, looked through the more reasonable probs, and hope to go back to the really long probs if I have time later, although I’ll probably spend all of my available time on more important things as I’m still just finally finishing Study Session 18 and the GIPs material. I’m quite envious of you guys who are already finished several practice tests! Well done you all.

I hated this… Debating whether its worth my time to really try and learn it… It killed me the first time around. Schweser just asked the concepts rather than to actually break down the components…

Wow, I’m really starting to feel things are heating up now. Nothing like overachieving L3ers to get the competitive juices flowing!