I would like to learn C. Have no programming background or experience.

Any recommended books or videos I should start with?

How many days should It take to be able to write basic and mid level codes?


Cracking codes?

Are you interested in developing IOS apps?

Nopes. Just want to learn C so that I can add it to my resume.

It’s probably best to start straight from the horse’s mouth: C, by Kernighan and Ritchie.

You’ll be printing “Hello, World” in no time.

(Note: these days, you’ll probably have to know C++ or C# to catch anyone’s attention.)

Do you need to know C in order to know C++ or C#


C++ is basically a superset of C, so if you learn C++, you’ll learn the essence of C along the way, plus a bunch of stuff that is needed in modern programming techniques, such as object orientation. C doesn’t require object orientation, but the object oriented C++ is often the standard workhorse of a developer.

C has a bunch of stuff that is extremely low level (like changing they bytes of a string individually). This is useful if you need to squeeze the absolute maximum performance from the machine (assuming you use is correctly), but can be a big pain to have to deal with if your code isn’t so machine-centric.

Java has the object orientedness of C++ but is less oriented to the low-level stuff, and maybe is a better starting route. Once you have java, it’s not hugely tricky to move to C++