CA Article giving L1 this Dec.Suggest a suitable study plan!


I am a CA Final student from India(in the last year of graduation), presently doing my articleship with KPMG(Tax).I am planning to give my Level 1 this December, and shall register with the Institute soon.

I needed some advice wrt my study plan.I have a 5-day workweek and 6-7 hour CA Final classes on Sundays.I reckon I could give 15-20 hours a week towards L1 preps and take a 2-week leave from office just before the exam.Which subject/s should I start off with?

P.S.-So far, I have just learnt the basics of Finance,Accounts and Stats in BCom & CA.

I just started studying in May for the December exam and found these two books were helpful in framing my perspective and plan of attack.

Direct Path to the CFA Charter: Savvy, Proven Strategies for Passing Your Chartered Financial Analyst Exams

CFA Confidential: What It Really Takes to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst

If you’re studying with a provider, I know that Schweser has an actual Study Planner and I would imagine the other companies provide one as well.

I started much later than both of you. The strategy I used was to read the Schewer books (I never cracked the CFAI material) several times. I think in the end I had read them all at least 3 times, even more for the more difficult readings. But the real key was drilling questions. I must have answered over 3,000 practice questions. Also, don’t forget to review the answers, it’s no use if you don’t take the time to review. I marked all the questions that I guessed on during mock exams to remember to review those as well as the incorrect answers because guessing correctly is not a viable strategy (and don’t try to cut corners here, if you don’t absolutely know the answer, make sure you review it).

Hey Even I’m a CA article although 1st year & also doing my CFA L-1 this december.Do u really think there is scope for CA students in doing this charter…

By the way the q-bank of schweser is a system application right? there is no printed Q-bank available right?

@KumarKool I,too, am in my 1st year of articleship

Need some advice on which subject/s to start with(which would serve as a base for other subjects)…I was thinking of starting with FRA(Good weightage,Fairly easy)

Last year of graduation And CFA and articleship…Did u submit form 112>?