CA study decisions help, please!

Hi all, I have a choice to make now in the next few days. Basically as I have said before here I am going to Denmark in august, and while I don’t want to work in accounting I may have to look in this area as its always a bit easier to get into. Basically I am enrolled to do the australia CA program, and I have my first subject started now, management accounting. I wont be able to complete the rest of the program from when I go toDenmark but just thought having the one unit and being enrolled would give me a leg up in getting into a possible accounting job. So I dont know if its worth me wasting my time doing this subject since I can’t continue the program further from denmark. I have the choice of dropping out and enrolling in the aAustralian CPA program which I can complete from denmark, but I would only be able to start this program in june/july of this year, so will have no passed subjects under my belt when I go to denmark. I will also be made an associate CPA straight away upon enrolment as I have the correct necessary background to achieve this. So what should I do, drop CA, and do CPA having no subjects but sound good being an associate CPA, or go with CA for now and “hopfully pass” the one subject I am able to do and not continue it in denmark. Look forward to your advice guys, im really lost here and will appreciate it very much,. Thanks

Also if I dont continue with CA, in this time until I begin CPA i would learn danish/swedish. maybe also do a financial modelling certificate.

Knowledge on Denmark isn’t my strongest subject, in spite of it being close by, but from my viewpoint quite frankly it might be a waste of time doing that one single unit… in that case you might better off with the CPA than with one half-finished course nobody has ever heard about. I suggest you also look into:- A) Business administration options in here B) Two other options (in bus.adm. & languages) that might be of interest to you: 1) 2) Applying for for those two latter courses will cost you nothing (no particular fees) so suggest you throw in an application *here* and let that option lie open so you can decide during the summer if/what to do about it. As it seems you’re going here for the long haul… :o)

Yeh mate, thing is, CA (chartered accountant) is a pretty well regarded qualification right around the world but as you say, one subjeect out of 5 aint much. Although it is management accounting, and maybe that would help me get into a job like that?? Im still inclined to skip doing it I think.

Also wawa, you don;t happen to know some kind of forum like this about careers for danes, or expats in denmark, where they talk careers and business etc?

Why Denmark, if i may ask? I read previously you live in Melbourne, I am in Toronto and wish I could work in Melbourne or Sydney. You have a booming economy and awesome weather, despite the whole drought thing. Denmark just has some burned flags and rioters everytime a cartoon is published…not to mention much worse winters.

Mate, have you ever seen scandinavian girls?? Plus australia is great and the weather and all, but its too far from everything, I miss europe

lol well I guess the girls from the visit Australia commercials aren’t representative of the population then.

They arent. Admittedly we do quite well in the land of oz, but trust me scando’s jsut your average girls there are 7.5 to 8, plus they have cute accents. But I digress, back to finance…

I don’t find my accent particularly cute. Anyways, you might try posting your question on or but in your case since you’re posting on this site maybe more appropriate with or The winters are fine nowadays; this is the warmest one since 1756!

Global warming! wawa, are you in sweden? what kind of work are you in mate?

also wawa, what do you think about working at Maersk? Would it be fairly easy to get in there

Maersk? I have no idea whatsoever, absolutely none. You might want to start scouring for jobs on and and especially; as you’ll see the links are very locally oriented (lingustically) hence why it might be a good idea to take a look at those other links I posted earlier in this thread, especially the one in relation to Gotham… sorry Gothenburg.