cabbie body odor, what to do

was going somewhere on weekend at night. waiting for a while for a cab, and one comes finally. but once in, I noticed a sweaty body odor sweat. not in a huge hurry to go somewhere but a pain to wait for another. 20-25min ride question: would you leave? tip less? ride with window down even though its cold? I did the latter.

Lmao. Cab! Wow, what a bsd. Even I, a hacksaw mba have enough sense and cents to take a black car.

^Why? You’ve got your own wheels.

it was on a weekend, wasn’t at work

I wouldn’t jump out. I think I would crack the windows.

Fight fire with fire. Cut a big one, with sound for emphasis.

I’m not fit to drive most weekend evenings.

^ Other cabbies

Take the private 'copter next time

I usually just crack the window.

i will open the window and USUALLY it helps, but for some reason i can’t open the window or it doesn’t help even opening the window then i will ask to get off…

Body odor is very invasive it’s not just fart or something.

^ So do you tell the cabbie you want to get out because he stinks?

No i just say i forgot something and need to leave now! :slight_smile:

If he gets mad enough, it might get you a free ride.

You should tell the cabbie that you’re taking over and he should GTFO

Some people have a disorder where they produce too much sweat and develop a constant body odor.

^ yeah I think I read about that in my human biology class. It’s called sh!t stain syndrome (SSS), not to be confused with same store sales.


I don’t think it’s just sweat though…

Most people sweat and do not have body odor (yes if you sweat a lot and do not change and let bacteria develop over time you will likely small bad), but if we are talking about specific body odor that smells really invasive and pungent, it can happen when the person isn’t even sweating!

You mean like Indians.