CAIA-2 March '21: How did it go?

I took my exam yesterday, I came out feeling 50/50.

I thought the MC had a little more extra spin on them in as places, like they asked a few in a way I’ve never seen and before. But I also thought the essay was a little easier than I was anticipating, so for me personally I feel like it may come down to how low the curve goes, I will either be a low-passer or a high-failer, lol.

I was surprised at how much they didn’t ask questions about, but I guess that’s a function of a large body of knowledge.

I studied about 225 hours, worked really hard especially at the end, and have no regrets. Hopefully I pass but if not I’m out, one and done.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile: Which topics were focused in essay part?

Lol cute

I was also surprised by some MC questions and found myself best-guessing a few times. Hope it was enough, though, as I don’t want to do it again…

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I confirm, f.e. there was a rather complicated one with one retirement placement ratio I’ve not seen before.
For part 2, I agree with above, it was fair. Fingers crossed now :slight_smile:

Ha on that retirement one I just couldn’t figure it out, so I ended up plugging in the possible answers to back into the correct answer. I’ll take a point any way I can get it!

Bizarre definitely not what I got. Wish it was!! Does the exam differ among candidates?

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Tbh I don’t want to think about it !! Also from the ethics standpoint we should not be discussing details of the exams in case you were not aware.

You are right