CAIA - Benefits of using and paying for the Wiley Efficient Learning platform

Hey guys, I’m thinking whether to completely opt out of using the Wiley Efficient Learning platform, and instead just get the hardcopy official CAIA L1 4th edt textbook from Amazon (a lot cheaper than paying for this online tool).

Based on the Wiley Efficient Learning website, the benefits of paying for the platform (and getting the digital-only official textbook for a total of $125) are:

  1. Access to the digital copy of the official textbook (also able to add our own notes, highlight texts, etc)
  2. Create our Study Planner (how elaborate/ useful is this function anyway?)
  3. Access the 250+ practice questions (UpperMark’s might be better)
  4. Access to the digital textbook for 18months (and any updates that occur during this period)
  5. Provide 24/7 customer support

I assume any announcements regarding the exam should be posted on /communicated through our CAIA accounts right (not this Wiley account). So any other “beneflts” that I might lose out on? Just thought the money could be spent on more useful stuff, like that UM TestBank or mock exam packages.

I have used their qbank and wasnt impressed at all - questions were poorly worded and not sure that they checked needed concepts to pass rather some minor things. I have a big regret of buying that qbank.
Kaplan was way better for me.

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Hey @sherxami , thanks for responding. Just to clarify, the qbank that you felt was not useful was the 250+ one from Wiley Efficient Learning platform right? Instead of UpperMark’s.

I have never used UpperMark so cant tell you anything about it. I have used Kaplan and Wiley at the same time. Comparing both, I would go for Kaplan - better qbank and exams in terms of material coverage and wording for the questions.