CAIA Charter

Curious as to the general consensus out there… Worthless piece of paper? Nice to have? Influential in the hiring process? Would appreciate your thoughts…

no, yes, no

second rohufish’s view - hopefully it is the case

mostly yes, not really, not at all

no, yes, maybe

a nice addition to the CFA Charter, but pretty much worthless without.

Seconded highparkcfa, and it’s funny how the same few posters slag anything but the CFA Charter at every opportunity…

No, yes, not yet but eventually will be. The CAIA, along with the FRM and PRM are just becoming to be well known. These three new certifications are about where the CFA program was in the mid-1980s. The good news is they are growing much more rapidly than the CFA program did in its first two decades. I see this being drive by two factors. The first is the currently high ROI that comes with an education in finance, investment management, risk management etc. Basically there is a shortage of skills there right now. The second is the ranking system for graduate schools. They don’t want to move down in the rankings, so this effectively prevents them from expanding their class size and meeting the demands of the investment sector. I don’t see that situation changing any time soon. The CAIA will be a major certification in another few years. Once top private equity, real estate and hedge fund managers have the certification, as will likely be the case in another 5-10 years, it will gain a lot of influence in the hiring process. Of course over that time period, expect a large increase in the difficulty of the curriculum and tests as well as increased fees.

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I read the curr for Level I exam and it does not seem too difficult. Anyone of us with a finance bg should can prolly do the ~100 hours of revision and pass level one. The CFA level one on the other hand is at least twice as difficult IMHO. For now it seems an expensive accessory but maybe its worth getting before the they start jacking up fees and difficulty of questions. Early Reg ends 1st week of May!!!

Level 1 definitely does not take only 100 hours. At least 150.

130-150 is about right. BTW, the results are out for Level I. Passed.