CAIA Charter

Does CAIA issue a paper charter like CFAI? Is it like wallpaper as well? I haven’t been able to see a copy of one online.

Yes. It is about 75% of the size of the CFA Charter, and you can get a nice matted frame for it from Framing Success online.

Here is the link to the Framing Success site; they actually have a sample of what the Charter looks like. I have the CAIA myself, and this image is definitely a faithful copy of how mine looks:

Yep, that’s it, DoW.

I like my CAIA paper charter because it takes up much less real estate in my office and fits snugly above my light switch. I also have the CFA charter and that pretty much dominates the only good wall while greeting visitors to my humble professional abode.

My complaint about the CAIA charter is the orange and gray color scheme – the horizontal stripes at the top and bottom of the charter. When I had mine framed, I had them matte them both out and it looks a lot cleaner.

I would further complain that the organization name should be in calligraphy, and not the generic, new-wave Arial-type font the CAIA charter is currently rocking.

Now that charters have been mailed I’m curious, is anyone getting a frame? I was thinking about it. I’m between Windsor, Classic, and Elite. Can anyone who has one of these comment on its sexiness? And anyone planning on getting one comment on which one you’re thinking about? Thanks.

Ramos, I’m rocking the Windsor personally with my CAIA, and I have to say, in person, it’s sex in a frame bro.

Nice…that’s what I was leaning towards and your comment of its sexiness has swayed me.