CAIA exam in the Coronavirus environment

Hi everyone,

Is anyone considering to postpone the exam due to the spread of the virus. I live in Europe and the situation is very tension around here. As I understand Pearson Vue cancels only those countries which are in quarantine.

I’m a little worried my test center might close - most of my city is in work-from-home mode now.

I’d prefer to take the exam right away, but if it gets put off for a few months, it’s not a big deal.

i got an email from CAIA saying that i have an option to postpone my level 2 to september if i wish. Have to make a decision no less than 72hrs before the actual exam. I’ve decided to go for it anyways. I am in Singapore by the way. Stay safe everyone.

i guess we all got the mail. i really hope they are not cancelling the exam, i am from germany and here it is getting every day worse … . but on the other hand i don´t want to sit again in september and repeat all over …

so let´s see. i didn´t opt for postpone …

Given UK guidance now, does anyone know what’s happening with London based exams next week?

US tests look like they will be cancelled as all Pearson Vue centres are suspending testing. UK still looks on for now… sure that will change over the coming days. My exam is 1 week tomorrow in Reading and not confident it will go ahead - that will be a big shame as I can’t sit in September.

My test in Charlotte, NC. Is Cancelled. CAIA Associatoin should offer testing in June to make up for all of us that have put so much time and effort studying for a March 2020 exam.

Agree its a big shame. I couldn’t see any mention of UK on the Pearson link

That would be excellent, I understand why they might not want to/be able to do it - but it would help out massively!

That probably means it’s going ahead until we are told otherwise…

Got the email last night- mine’s cancelled and rescheduled for Sep. Frustrating but what can you do.

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nothing yet for me - were you taking it at Holborn because they’ve close that centre? Rest are still open for now but my test isn’t until 25th so likely to be cancelled. I can’t sit in September due to a holiday so likely not sitting until March 2021 if cancelled.

Yeah I was due to sit in Holborn on the 26th. I imagine they will all start to close, as it sounds like the UK situation is going to get a lot stricter from next week

Yup - same for me - London Holborn on the 26th cancellation. Very frustrating given the time spent over the past months studying, but given the circumstances there isn’t much anyone can do. Looking forward to September - will try and figure out a way to be efficient with my time between now and then so I don’t waste the work done already.

Mines cancelled too now. Can’t sit until March 2021 due to personal circumstances so that means the new curriculum. Oh well!

Would be v interested to hear any techniques for keeping up some intensity and work flow from now until Sep. I already feel like I’ve switched off

I was lucky enough to write it, but they will also shut down the test centre in the next couple of days.

Robinaw1: If I were you, I would keep up with the QBank (if you learn with schweser) and some partial reading of summaries (chapter summaries, Schweser Secret Sauce)

Thank you, I used Uppermark and have more or less finished the Qbank. Will just keep things ticking over by reviewing a chapter here and there whilst on lockdown at home!

I think I will try (try…) to read through my detailed notes once every two weeks (should take about 90 mins or 2 hrs), and one day per week on a cardio machine spend an hour going through the cue cards I made. Then ramp up practice exams and q-bank in the 6 weeks before September exam. Not sure what other approach to take.

I still have to reach out to Uppermark to see what the sketch is on having access in September (I only bought the Q-Bank). Lets hope they can be accomodating (for those who didn’t but the full packages).

Cheers and good luck to those lucky enough to have booked their exam early enough in the window to write Level II !

Hi Robin,
Can we study together ?

Hi, are you studying for level 1