CAIA exam...worth taking?

Hello all…I haven’t heard much about the CAIA exam. Would it be worth me taking before I pass the CFA L1? Where does it normally fit into the timeline? I took the L1 last December and failed…miserably. I was thinking about retaking next June but if I could get L1 of the CAIA exam done, that would be great. Any/all info would help me out…I have been pretty discouraged since I failed CFA L1 in 12/07. Thanks all!

if you failed level I, i would focus on doing level I again in Dec. CAIA is in 29 days anyways and it is TOO LATE to register. so ieven if you wanted to, it is too late. go to dude

CAIA is not very well recognized, extremely expensive, and will not impress many who look at your resume. Knowing nothing else, go for the CFA Exam again.