CAIA: For what it's worth...

I just received the flyer from CFA for the Alternative Investment conference in NYC in February and noticed that CFA and CAIA are co-partners for the event. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen them advertising events together (the CAIA logo is literally right next to the CFA logo on the front of the mailer), but that has to be a good thing for the CAIA, no? I am a CFA charterholder and also took L1 of the CAIA in March of 2007. I’m planning on taking L2 this coming March since I had to put off finishing it due to work commitments, but I’d have to think that their continuing to be linked to the CFA for these types of events can only help the designation… my $0.02

How about a CFA, CAIA, and FRM combo?

Sounds good. CFA, CAIA, and FRM is an anagram for “FACA FIRMA” Which in portuguese means: “Make the firm” (as in a company) or potentially “Make it firm” (as in keeping fit). So two careers are open to you, at least in Brazil and Portugal.

CFA and CAIA are doing tons of hookups in 09. talked to DR there @ CAIA event recently. they are trying to leverage each others membership.

CAIA has good material and i believe the designation will catch on. They do need to make the test on the same difficulty as CFA though. Right now it is just too easy.

I am so short stupid superfluous designations it’s crazy. I’m taking out credit card debt to buy OTM CAIA puts.

Is CAIA even worth anything? Does anyone even look at it? And with all this talk about the CFA losing value, wouldn’t the value of this designation be near zero? I personally think its a waste of time and far to costly from what I’ve heard. I think if you need more after the CFA, why not just go to graduate school where you can actually advance your career? That way you can actually learn something instead of just writing another set of tests.

The same can be said about an MBA.

sublimity Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The same can be said about an MBA. I was talking about a real degree, not a networking degree. Like an MFin or anything with a thesis really.

I can agree with that. However, after having gone through the CAIA curriculum, I would say it is decent for the knowledge, if not for its value as a designation.

do it all, MBA, CFA, CAIA - thats how we roll. hedge, rock, roll, repeat. its either you or some desi doing your job for 1/3 your pay. you decide.