CAIA Forum???

Any idea when the CAIA forum will be up?

never. chad is just teasing you.

My guess is they’re still trying to line up sponsorship for the CAIA/FRM boards, which may take a while.

sponsorship? what do you need permission from the CFA/CAIA before you start a messageboard or something?

you’ve never seen all those ads for Stalla, Schweser, etc, etc, etc at the top of the page? they just need to line up some companies that want to pay for ads for the CAIA and FRM instead of the CFA.

The CAIA forum should be ready by next week. I will post an announcement as soon as it is ready. Chad

CHAD!!! you DO read these posts!! how are things?

chad was erasing the CAIA posts all summer, now he has a CAIA section. ironic, helloooooooooo?