CAIA II - March 2021 - guess on minimum passing score

Dear all, I took mine yesterday and found it really hard and confusing. I have learnt way more from lvl 1…anyway, what hare your thoughts about the minimum passing score? 60%? 65%? I believe that achieving 70% is a real challenge…

This is pure guesswork but I’ll just throw 65 out there. If it’s 65 I have a reasonable chance to pass, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

65-68. If everyone did miserably, they can go lower I guess, as long as they keep the passing rate at around 60%. However, if the whole point of the curriculum revamp WAS to make it harder so that passing rate would drop below 60%…then we are screwed lol.

hopefully mid to low 60s. This was a brutal exam.

Curious how they massage this one particularly since no one writes the same exam. From the sounds of things (and my experience from sep20) this was a step harder.

Hi guys, I just cleared Level 1 CAIA. kindly give tips to study for Level 2 4th edition?