CAIA is harder than FRM and CFA?

Not sure whether am I getting more retarded but the general consensus here feel the CAIA is 50% that of CFA.

For me who has passed CFA L3 and FRM L2, I feel that this CAIA is difficult. Risk decomposition question is an example of killer question.

i just took CFA level 2 and CAIA level 2…

my take is that any particular MCQ on the CAIA is at the same level of difficulty as anything that could come up on a CFA exam… BUT the CAIA exam overall is much easier to PASS… what made the CAIA 2 exam difficult was the time crunch for the multiple choice questions… the 2 hour limit just lowers the curve for everyone. the essay portion is soft. I studied less than 50 hours for CAIA 1 and about 50 hours for CAIA 2

Agreed - maisa, maybe if you are a formulas-and-numbers whiz then CFA was easier for you than for most people, but it covered such a broad range of subjects that I found it way, way tougher than CAIA. To dvictr’s point, I think the tight time constraint is all that gives me pause in predicting my pass/fail. CAIA may be more rooted in practical experience and convention, too, so if you’ve never worked in PE or at a hedge fund, it may come less naturally. CFA is more academic.

CAIA l1 feels like a walk in the park after you take FRM l1.

How would you compare FRM 1 to CFA 1 or 2 please?