CAIA Job Opportunites

Hi I’m Planning to take up CAIA program. How is job opportunities after completion in India and Abroad. I’ve 4 years in Hedge fund Industry. -Vijay

go to monster or careerbuilder…this is not the job searching website.

ya i’ll do that…thanks for reply. But I asking in term of reputation is it equal to CFA. Any comment on wht sort of career can v build after completion of CAIA

@Rockstar, You are (perhaps) more qualified to answer this question than most on this forum given that you have worked in Hedge Fund Industry for 4 years! Probably you could share the feedback and tell us all a thing or two about how people perceive the certification. To answer your question. CAIA is highly specific in the sense that it caters to requirements if you work in Alternative Investments and can’t be compared to CFA program which is supposed to be broader in scope.

Don’t do CAIA for getting a better job…it is not recognized in the industry yet. If you want to improve your knowledge of AI, then go for it. But it is an expensive exam.

thanks for comments and updates. I think certification is just a added advantage. Coming to my exp. I’m working as Investment researcher, developing hedge fund trading strategies for US based offshore team. When it comes to India, CAIA is totally new. But incase of rest of world slowly gaining popularity. I want to diff perspective abt this course. For your info when CFA started in 1960’s it had only direct 3rd level. Take the stats of no. of student in 2002, I guess only some 200 - 300 students wrote in bombay. As time passes things change…! So we the people create demand and popularity for subject and certification. My idea of posting this message in this forum is to get feel and opinion abt CAIA from rest of the world. Thanks vijay

I think CAIA is cool. I dont think it is a game-changer for your career by any means. It could maybe be a leg up on someone if the employer was knowledgeable about it. Unless you are seriously focusing on AI I dont see the point (I mean learning is cool, but still). Its still pretty new here in the US, maybe it will continue to gain steam, maybe not.

Do it before it gets more difficult, like the, er CFA…