CAIA L1 Results to be available 15th October

I got an email asking me to fill in a survey about how I felt about the exam and it said L1 results will be available 15th October.

Good luck everyone

Will they email or we need to log in? For FRM, they emailed us the result the day before.

We need to log in

The CAIA Association emails candidates to notify them whether they have passed or not. Sometimes the information is available in your account on the CAIA website the day before the results release date.

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Great will continue with UpperMark after I pass level 1.

The question bank is superb

Thank you maisotomai.

We look forward to hearing good news regarding your exam score.

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6 in outstanding, 1 in higher and 1 in comparable

Thanks Uppermark!!!

Passed! Thanks Kaplan Schweser for helping me. You sucked for CFA Level 2 though.

Outstanding: 2

High 3

Comparable 1

Lower 2

P.s nice to see the pass rate trending down. 64% this year!

Passed - 7 Outstanding only Hedge Funds in Higher, typical 4 years as a Hedge Fund Analyst and it’s that one I miss.

+0.5 for trogulj. Schweser was great for this, but I don’t blame them for my failing L2 CFA, that was my fault it’s just much harder and demands a much higher competence in the subjects than CAIA. I firmly believe had I worked harder with Schweser for CFA I would have got there.

And dammit, but I’ll prove it next year. ;p



outstanding: 5

higher: 3


I used Schweser and think they did a decent job. However, the Notes had way too many typos and errors in it - disappointing when you consider the price…

Congratulation to all you passed!

Passed! 6 Outstanding & 2 High. Could not have done it without Uppermark.

Passed, with good performance!

What do you guys think about using Schweser notes + Uppermark QBank. What about videos? Note I have used Schweser throughout the CFA exams and CAIA L1 exam.

All I used was schweser for about 2 months and passed. I did 2 schweser practise exams and no qbank questions. I averaged 75% in the schweser exams. The CAIA mock I got 67%. I found the real exam more difficult than these practise exams.

I didn’t use any third-party study prep materials for L1 and passed just fine. CAIAA’s materials for L1 were just fine. I used Schweser for L2 and would recommend it to L2 candidates. I cannot comment on the relative value of different study prep providers, but I like Schweser. There were things, however, that were asked on the L2 exam that weren’t covered effectively by Schweser but I got Outstanding in just about all categories regardless.