CAIA L1 - UM Final Mock Exam

Hey Guys,

2/24 is the big day (12 days). I have been preparing for months and have put over 300 hours into prep. I knew i would need it. In the last few weeks i have been scoring 80-85 on UM practice exams from the QBank. I have felt comfortable with the bigger concepts in the exam, but I just took the final Mock Exam Prep UM provides and I must say it was bad. I got a 56 and I was struggling the whole second half of the exam. the first half was tough the second half i found very hard. I chased the clock the whole time and rushed the end. My plan is to review all my weaknesses on this exam and then take the CAIA mock, but i must say i feel pretty deflated. Has anyone had a similar experience or could you offer some advice? Thank you!

Update - I studied 29 hours this weekend. Everything I got wrong on the exam, Qbanks on Ethics, Alt Assets, HFs and PE. It was brutal, but just got a 75 on the Official CAIA mock. Time to rinse and repeat. Any last week advice would be appreciated.

Good luck everyone!

Hey man, I’ve put in a similar # of hours, also scoring 80-85% on UM on many CAIA-weighted exams. Took the Final UM Mock and got a 70%. Like you, it was unusually difficult to manage my time for some reason. Probably nerves. But, it’s better to get it out now than on exam day.

All we can do is go back to the books and study our weaknesses. Pick off the low hanging fruit. And by that, I don’t mean the easy stuff. Do the hard stuff you’ve been avoiding, however slight. Get the biggest bang for your buck (i.e., time). For me, it was the relative value chapter (17). I hammered than all weekend and feel ready AF. This week/weekend, I’ll be hammering Chapters 22-26 one last time, then taking the exam on 2/24.

We got this!

Have u taken UM Qbank web or download ?? did u face any issue

Yeah. I found that chapter challenging as well. I know a lot of people are tackling the heavier weighted stuff right now. I will probably split time between staying tight on Intro to Alts, HFs and PE. allocate a little bit of time to my weaker points of structured products and real assets. Then do a heavy brush up on ethics towards the end.

I think I am going to get the Schweser Mock tomorrow or the next day to expose myself to new questions.

Good luck man! Crush that relative value section!

I have UM Qbank Web. i think its a great tool to test yourself and then take notes as you go with the explanations for the ones you get wrong. I cant speak to the download.

The Web one works well. With the download, there is a risk of a compatibility issue.