CAIA L1 - Uppermark vs. Schweser vs. ???

Hey everyone, Congrats to all those who just passed the L1 exam! I just signed up for the CAIA L1 exam in Sept '10 and I’m ready to get started. Now that those who passed are moving onto L2, I just wanted to get your feedback on what study materials you used and whether or not they were very helpful, semi-helpful or a complete waste of time and money. Before I select Schweser, Uppermark or another provider, let me know your thoughts on the materials you used and whether or not you would recommend. Thanks!

Used uppermark and passed. The qbank as a bit suspect though. It also didn’t cover everything i saw on the test. Fact of the matter is you are aiming to get above a 70, not a 100. Admittedly I didn’t look at the actual recommended readings so I can’t compare how it stacked up.

I used the text and the Uppermark Qbank and passed. I knew the Qbank inside and out and still had difficulty with the exam. Like Vadremc says, you only need a 70. If u give the text a nice read and hit high 80s on the test bank before the test, you should be fine. The complaint I’ve heard alot with Uppermark notes is that they deliver them very late. Maybe this time around it will be better as this will be the 2nd exam with the new text in place. Good luck!

I went with Schweser for Level 1. They were good notes, Q-bank (1000+ questions) and a couple mock exams. I think both providers are probably pretty good. I used Schweser because I did my CFA with them. Good luck

Neither is excellent and you might be better of by not buying any study notes for L1. In any case, avoid Uppermark as much as you can.

I used Uppermark for both Levels and passed. I thought their materials were good.