CAIA L2 Mar21 results

Last Friday, the six week term after the exam window closed ended, but no indications yet, even no hint in the CAIA profile.

Anybody else checking mails on pins and needles?

Same here.

Just noticed the following on caia. org

Note: March '21 Level II exam results will be released the week of May 10

What? That’s another week!! Then we’ll have waited a little mor than 7 weeks for the results! Maybe it’s due to the new curruculum?

Someone I know called CAIA who said results will come Wednesday this week at the earliest. Argh!

Thank you. I was keeping checking this morning. Do not want to wait any more.

Wow, they extended their own target a lot…

Did anybody recognize any “tells” on the upcoming results? My profile offers to choose the online proctored exam for Sept21, though I planned to pass this time…

@Bremen74, everyone’s profile gives that option so it’s not a Tell that we didn’t pass.

Apparently Wednesday is “The Day”, so we’ll find out very soon.

Marlowe: Thx for clarifying :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for everyone!!

Right, but if I actually try to register it won’t let me - I get a message that exam results have not been released yet. (And then the usual 3 and 6 weeks deadlines).

Looks like results are being released. I have the option to become a member now! So, I feel encouraged. (Also, the current exam info disappeared).

Is this still the case ? At what point does the message appear ?

I was not seeing Join Membership before. But there are still no results.

Cleared first attempt, 5 strongest, 2 higher and 2 borderline. Some good news

Whew, I passed. Results were all over the place, 2 strongest and 1 weakest, lol, very random, but I’ll take it.

Hope all of the rest of you passed!

Congrats, man. Unfortunately I can’t say the same. Brutal

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Passed. 5 Strongest, 3 higher, and 1 Borderline. What surprised me is ESG topic… thought I will be the weakest, but actually I am in the higher bucket.

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Congrats guys! I did not pass this time.

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I have passed :slight_smile:
For all those who didn’t pass, keep your head up, you will pass next time for sure (speaking from experience) !


Cleared First attempt. 1 strongest, 5 higher, 2 borderline and 1 weak. Congrats to all those who passed !!

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Sorry to hear that! Are you going to take again?