CAIA L2 tips?

Hi any tips from those just taken CAIA L2 Many thanks

Tip number 1: do not use Uppermark for preparation. Tip number 2: try to memorize all kinds of lists in the material (10 reasons for this, 7 factors behind that) actively. In multiple choice, it’s enought to memorize the lists passively but for essays, you need to remember everything without help.

Tip number 3: Do not rely on Kaplan Tip number 4: Do not take the study guide as the final word on what is to be studied. Try and study above and beyond what the study guide asks for. I know this is sort of vague but that is the how the exam related to the study guide…

AMITKPHF ,why not kaplan? you mean do not go with schweser

AMITKPHF ,why not kaplan?

Yeah Kaplan Schweser is not really great.

I agree with Tips #2 and #4 – paying attention to these points is very important. These points were frequently stressed by the Uppermark instructor during their online course. I took Level 1 with Schweser but switched to Uppermark for level 2 - this was because there were questions on the exam that were not covered in Schweser’s materials. On the other hand, I found Uppermark’s materials to be detailed and they covered the original reference text very closely. I also found Uppermark’s software to have more and better functionality than Schweser’s. For example, I was able to practice using only calculation questions or questions I had answered incorrectly – these were extremely helpful to me. Altogether I found Uppermark’s material to be a really good preparation tool for the CAIA.

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I’ll be using Schweser. Used them to do my CFA and CAIA L1…so far, so good.