CAIA Level 1 March 2021 Study Group

Hi Guys - is anyone interested in forming a group for CAIA Level 1 March 2021? Perhaps we can form a study group? Please reply if you are keen. Thanks!

Yes, great idea! What do you suggest? What is your time zone?

Yes we can. Time Zone in EUROPE for me

Awesome - my timezone is HK time. Any suggestions - do we want to create a chat group? Open to further suggestions.

Can I join your group? :blush:

Sure! As a start, why dont you guys PM me your email and we can then work things out?

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a whatsapp group isn’t better ?

and how can I pm you ?.. :relieved:

Whatsapp group is good! If you guys can PM me your number, i can add you to the Group!

Ok just pmed u.

Keen to join too. I will send you my number @cjmy. Thanks

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Good luck colleagues! You got this :fist:

I’m in! California USA time zone. Please pm me. Thx

Hi! Could you please PM me your number?

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Hi guys, even I’m interested in joining the group if it ain’t late.


Hi guys

Please also add me to to the study group. My number: +27 786670266

please add me to the group +27 78 6670266

Could you please add me
thank you

add me please

Good luck everyone! You got this!

Hi @DoctorOliver @Rakoto_Vazah. If you can send me your number, i can add you to the group. :slight_smile: