CAIA level 1 starting now?

Hey so my plan was to write CFA level 1 in June 16 and CAIA level 1 in september 16. Unfortunately my work is making me push my CFA exam back to December due to a date conflict with a client so I am wondering if you think it is possible for me to write the CAIA in March if I start studying now?

It’s definately enough time but would depend on if you think you can dedicate 150-200 hours to it.

200 hours??? That seems excessive. Ethics are all a repeat from the CFA curriculum and the book is 1/5 the amount of material as the CFA. I think 100 hours including all reading and test prep seems more appropriate…doesn’t look even remotely as difficult as the CFA.

I have started it this month as well for CAIA I march 2016. I am half way on book 1. I haven’t studied for CFA yet, but the raw comparison about materials and book sizes won’t make it. If you have industry knowledge and some finance background you can definitely lower the amount of hours set before but not sure if you can divide them buy 2. Let me know how it goes by the first week of January, I ll keep you posted as well.

Im planning to start next week for CAIA Level 1 March window exam… should hit my target of 200 hours with prep and practice… I’m skipping Ethics till the end and it seems that 3/4 of the material have been through in my past CFA exams but i think its more focused