CAIA Level 2 March 2014 Study Group New York City


Is anyone interested in forming a study group in NYC for the CAIA Level II (exam March 2014)?

I’d be up for that.

How are you planning to prepare? Are you taking a course?


No course. Purchased the UpperMark materials. What’s your study plan?

Not sure. I used the UpperMark materials for level 1, but I felt the testbank questions were not representative of the questions on the exam. It’s between Schweser or Uppermark, still trying to decide. I think I need a course to keep me on track - or a study group, something to keep me on pace.

Happy to work with you to set up a study group- I think it needs some structure to be worthwhile, however. A mailing list of attendees (to remind them to come), areas to be covered each session, that kind of thing. And most important, a place to meet - not sure Starbucks will work for more than 3-4 people.

Agreed. Let’s move forward. I would like to start meeting before the Christmas holiday.

I used Schweser for Level 1. Although I did well on the exam, I wasn’t impressed with Schweser. I think it was expensive and they are providing materials for too many different test prep subjects so they make it very formulaic and less logical. I didn’t think their Q bank was that great. So far UpperMark seems better but I haven’t done much studying.