CAIA Level 2 Results Out

PASS Just log onto the website.

nice job. I think i’ll take a crack @ Level 2 in march - any tips?

not passed

Olzhik, was it real tough?

PASS. They posted around 6pm EST.

Used Schweser. Was enough, as I have a solid base by finishing the CFA already. For those who haven’t completed CFA, may need to get texts. There is definitely potential for them to make the tests a heck of a lot harder. I imagine that will occur in the future after they get a solid base. Overall, I thought the program helped me learn a lot about alternative investments. Very solid program, and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to expand their knowledge. Sure the CAIA might not be worth much right now, but the underlying knowledge is worth a lot.

Congrats Rydex. Hope to join you next year. I will buy Schweser only as for CAIA L1 it proved enough.

not that much, Cfaboston i took it in dubai…was partying 3 days in a row before exam…

Has anyone who obtained the charter have the CAIA help them in their career? A ton of people at my firm either have the designation or are in the process of getting the charter but I think its mostly due to the fact that the investment consulting industry as a whole is pushing clients towards the use of more alternatives and since the world moved away from the stock+bond portfolio so the CAIA designation is much more of a marketing tool then anything else. The people i’ve seen at other firms with the CAIA designation seem to work in client services/operations/marketing/relationship management/product management. None of these areas is where I want to be in my career.

Dont get the designation, but I recommend learning the underlying material. Go on the CAIA website, there are a number of high profile people that carry the designation. Its value right now is weak at most as a designation.

The previous response was in regards to BiPolarBoyBoston’s remarks. I think everyone should get the designation.