CAIA Level 2 Schedule Exam - Error

Hey folks, I am getting an error when I try to schedule for a September 2018 Level 2 exam. Is there a ‘schedule an exam’ window period? if so, could it that it has been closed?

Also, where are you all in your studies. A month to time, I still find myself with one whole UpperMark book to go (it has Commodities, Hedge Funds and Structured Products). I have however completed the others plus all their questions. I feel like I am lagging behind and almost going into panic mode. How are you all doing?

Finished all the readings and did all the Qbank question in Schweser. Doing my 2nd round of find reading and saving all the Practice exam and mock exam for month of Sept.

Has anyone done the ‘Essay Review By Topic’ and ‘Essay Review Quizzes’ on the Schweser portal yet? What are they? I’m afraid to open them because it looks like we have a limited number of tries with them. I don’t want to waste an attempt by opening them when I’m not prepared for what’s inside!

Also, only two Schweser mocks? I’m pretty sure Level 1 gave us three mocks … maybe even more than that. Two Schweser mocks seems a little low. If true, that’s a bit disappointing.

Finally, some sections of hedge funds are really tough! Crazy formulas to memorize.

I did few of those Essay Review Quiz already, section by section. They are trying to minic the essay portion of the exam, try one after you feel good about a particular review. My initial feedback is that I feel those questions are very poorly worded, at least, I don’t know what they are asking me.

Essay quizzes are just blank boxes - you enter your response and then self-grade against the answers they provide. I think you get 3 attempts per set. I don’t think you necessarily have to commit once you open it - it only rates it as an attempt if you finish and click the button to complete the quiz and grade it.

There are actually 4 mocks - 3 in the book and 1 online (online one is only if you paid for that specific Schweser package).

Ah yes. Not sure why I only saw two mocks. Now I clearly see three on the Schweser portal and, more importantly, three in the exam book! And then the extra one that I did pay for in the package. Four mocks should be plenty.

I did one ‘Essay Review Quiz’ and one ‘Essay Review by Topic’ today. They weren’t bad. One question had me confused as it was a general ‘why should they be risk averse’ question. They didn’t say ‘give me X number of reasons why’. So I gave one reason why, but the answer Schweser gave me had four reasons. So wasn’t sure if I should give myself a good score or a bad score. I guess come test day, it’s better to give too much info than too little!

Anyway, I hope between reading the Schweser books, doing the QBank, doing four mocks, and doing all these essay reviews, that is enough to pass! Not sure what else can be done really, ha.

How do you guys find Schweser Level II Qbank? Is it worth doing or way too easy?

Neil202 - Don’t forget the official CAIA mock on their website. That one is pretty representative of the actual exam.

paki3000 - It’s a bit on the easy side, several “junk” questions like “which form - 13F or 13G”. Useful to do the questions, but don’t get too hung up on them - focus on mocks.

jt703 Thanks for the answer, and good luck to you too!!!

Guys, have you all scheduled for the exam? and is there a deadline to do this?

I have my exam scheduled. There was a deadline to enroll with CAIA for level 2 (a week or two ago). I scheduled my exam date and time right after enrolling. Hope it helps.

I just went to and right at the top of the screen, it says “September 2018 Exam registration is closed.”

I scheduled my exam as soon as I was able to after passing level 1 in March.