CAIA Level 2 September 2020 Study Group

Hey guys. It is a little early, but people willing to form a study group?


Sounds good! I am in :slight_smile:

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great. atleast we can get this started and see who else jumps in . What materials did you use for L1?

Kaplan Schweser

Hi Alphabeta5 / A_To_The_Z,
I would be in as well.
Prepared for CAIA I using only UM material and worked perfectly fine.
Haven’t started yet for CAIA II; would you guys recommend to read the offical book / the papers?

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Well in theory if you have the time you could read the official book. But I’m waiting for the schweser notes . Feel probably after the notes a more detailed understanding if needed may necessitate the official book . Otherwise being lazy :slight_smile: .

Hey there, I tend to use UM this time. Kaplan was ok for Level I but I have the feeling UM will be more straight forward for Level II. Just a feeling… I don’t know… Platinum Suite (without Flashcards, as I did not use the Kaplan Flash cards that much when preparing for Level I).
And this time I won’t start with the official book… hence I will have probably more time for the practice questions. Thanks for the good hint, Alphabeta, this confirms my thought to adjust my study schedule.
@PleinS: Haven’t started either. I guess I will read three of the CIT papers on this week-end.

Hey, starting with UM material right now. Bought the flash cards this time. Somehow I expected them to be part of the question bank, however, they are in same format as the slides. Well, good for repeating anyway.
@ A_To_The_Z, same here, working on the CIT papers. Will diligently take notes (even though i am reading the UM summaries). While preparing for CAIA I, I noticed I didnt keep much after reading all slides the first time…
Speak soon again.

Im in as well. Just registered for L2.

I’d like to join the study group, how are you all touching base?

Guys I think its time to start the group . Would you like to share your numbers so that I can create the WhatsApp group ? Thanks

Hi. Thanks for your message please provide the number to add to the group thanks

hey. Appreciate your number so I can add to the WhatsApp group

hi, I have just registered for L2!

Hi…Can add to me to the whatapps study group for CAIA L2, Spet 2020
My number +61434635262

Thanks so much

HI Belajar - you can join the group here

Hi guys I’d be interested in joining too. Is that possible?

Sure click on the invite link

is it too late to join the whatsapp group?