CAIA Level 2 - UM Final Review Courses (STAY AWAY)

Just a recommendation to future candidates…avoid the UM review courses. These are a complete waste of time, constant IT issues, an instructor that is perpetually under the weather (lots of coughing and dead air), which results in the courses taking exponentially longer than advertised. We are 3 hours into a supposed 4 hour course for today, and are not even close to being halfway through the material. I suppose I’ll be here for 2-3 hours longer than anticipated today, plus another 4 hour course tomorrow which will likely run 6 hours or so.

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andddd now we were kicked off. what a disaster!

This is a complete joke cough cough sniffle excuse me, where was I?

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back in

thanks for the heads up…misery likes company! haha

also is acting like the weekly classes weren’t a mess too

she needs to understand that people don’t care about the woes on her end. People want to work through the courses then get on with their lives.

Lol, i missed this thread yesterday. It makes me so happy that everyone is just as miserable as I am. Such a cluster-****.

Good news, we’ll be back for another session since she couldn’t get her act together and have the materials ready for today.

The topic 9 notes and recording from the final review are still not posted and the ‘final prep exam’ option is still not available either. Beyond absurd at this point. What a scam.

Hey all, anyone with an idea in what extent we have to memorize all this stuff in CITs? For example, in CIT6 (an excecutive’s guide to AI) -> Do we need to memorize ALL algorithms and their business cases , and also the timeline history (why AI now?) ?
Thank you.

To be honest with you, I am skipping the AI chapter altogether, simply because like you stated it’s overwhelming and I wouldn’t even know where to start. It’s complex stuff, not logical at all, therefore only way to do it would be to memorize everything. Who’s got the time for that when there are so many other things to focus on? Overkill, so I am skipping it. If I end up being tested on it…oh well…

Yes think of it this way…

Multiple choice = 70% of score, Essay = 30%, and one of those 3 essay questions will be on one of 9 articles.

It absolutely is not an optimal time investment to learn the 9 CITs in detail – 9 articles is a lot but we’re only using 1 and it counts for such a small overall portion compared to everything else. IMO we are better off learning the basics of CIT and hoping for the best, and really concentrate on gettinging our Question Acumen up.

Here’s how I think of it: 80% score in MC x 0.7 weight + 50% score in Essays x .03 weight = 71% score and easy Pass.

I feel like if I can get 80% on MC I am good to go. I can tap dance my way to 50% score in Essays as long as I generally know the concepts without memorizing all of the crazy lists.