CAIA Level I in March 2015 - How hard is it?

I’m considering taking CAIA Level I in March 2015. However given limited time left now for me to study, I wonder how hard the exam is, but I do find Alternative investment interesting. Background: working as analyst in private investment for 2 years

Is there any angle soul there have any material (past year books, exam papers, Qbank, etc) that can share for my reading before I commit paying USD1000+ for the exam? My email is v a n b a m e at gmail dot com. If it’s sthing doable I’ll 100% in for it, but if it’s not I’d rather spend that $1000+ chilling by the beach instead of screwing my life …

it is doable if you want to make it doable. I am currently studying for the CFA II for June 2015 and I will start studying for the CAIA I for March at the end of January. I will then have 1 month for the CAIA I and 3 months for the CFA II. I am going to make it possible.

By saying that you would rather spend the money on the beach and by asking for the material on a website, you don’t seem very much convinced. Trust me, if you commit the money for the exam and for the books, you will study and, most likely, pass. If you are just going to look at how many pages you have to study and how much time you are going to spend, you will just waste precious time.