CAIA Level I Prep Material - March 2018

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know your thoughts about the best prep material to achieve the exam. I’ve got the official CAIA material from Wiley (by the way, i only received one book). Do you think the Wiley material and the resources at the CAIA web page would be enough to pass the test ?

Do you recommend the Schweser Q-bank instead of Uppermark Q-bank ?

Is worth to pay all those prep package from Schweser or Uppermark ? Would be enough with the mock exams and the q-bank ?

Thank you all and good luck for all of you preparing the test !!

Hi have you invested in the notes? How much did they cost?

Hi everyone,

I passed L1 this September. I used Kaplan (books + Q bank + mock exams) and it was very useful.

good luck


Will it be possible for you to share the question bank please?


not so easy, the web link they provide you expires 10 days after last exam date…


Hi Everyone,

I just sign for the CAIA Level I exam on March 2018. I have created a WhatAapp chat group with other students to help each other in the preparation. If anyone wants to join, please send me a private message.

Hi all,

I was using Uppermark for level I and will use it again for level II. Schweser should be fine as well, but from what I read, Uppermark questions are more difficult (hence better prep). I would not recommend Wiley, because they have just started offering CAIA materials, not sure how the quality would be.

Welcome Pirinita. There are 6 of us in the whatsapp study group for CAIA Level I March 2018.

Can anyone share material for CAIA level I? I don’t really care if there are from last year

Many thanks in advance

Hi there, please could you add me to the what’s app group. I’m new to this forum, can I private message you my mobile number? Thank you

Yes, we can add you to our Whatsapp study chat goup for CAIA Level I March 2018 Exam. Please PM me. We are 7.

Hi guys, I’m getting the Uppermark Testbank to prepare for the March 2018 exam. Would anyone like to share the cost?

Do you have the caia level 1 Paki ?

is this tread alive? anyone have schweser notes for L2?