CAIA Level I September 2018

Hi everybody,

I’m a candidate for the CAIA level I in September. I bought the official book and I’m wondering where can I practice questions/ exercices before my exam. In the official book there only are some applications. Where can I find questions and previous exams?

I heard about the Kaplan Schewezer or Uppermark (but quite expensive). Which is the best? Is that enough to have the official book and a Test bank software ? or should I take a full package with one them (with books included, software etc).

Is someone can provide with a formula sheet?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Marion

I recommend kaplan + secret sauce. Quite expensive but very useful.


I passed level 1 in March by using just Kaplan Schweser materials.

Passed both levels first attempt with Official Book+ Uppermark qbank+ CAIA Workbook questions for large sections.


I passed both level in first attempt just by using the Kaplan Schweser books and online portal. I bought the CAIA official book in both occasion but never actually touched them.


Is there any video content available for the training? I’ve been looking for online videos with lectures for level I, pls help


could anyone let know about Wiley material quality for CAIA level 1 september 2018??

much appreciated


H all,

Following the question of Kanu, did somebody use the video lectures of Wiley before?

Thanks a lot!

Hi All,

Anyone interested in joining a whatsapp study group ?? if yes, send me a private message with your mobile number.



Any caia whatsapp group available?


Just started with studying for CAIA level-1 ,Watsapp group is a good idea.

If there is none right now happy to create one ,please PM name & number.


HI, i am using CAIA official book + Uppermark Practice Questions. I am making notes of the CAIA official book and seem to understand it. Is it all enough as to what I am doing? Please tell me.

Hi there,

I am writing CFA L2 in June and very keen to sit the sept exam for CAIA L1 - do you think I am being over optimistic with my time allocation or is it possible?

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