CAIA Level II Exams

Anyone using the uppermark materials? How are you doing in the mock exams? I’m just starting to go over CR now, and scoring in the low 60’s for MC. My exam is 2 weeks away. Not sure how confident I’m feeling at this point.

keep doing the questions, you have time to get your scores up.

Try to go through all Qs once and then repeat questions you’ve got wrong.

I’m using Uppermark. Find the interface/format extremely helpful, and the questions are great, albeit some seem a bit too specific to imagine appearing on the exam.

I read the offical text and Schweser. Reviewing personal notes now and plan to take the official sample exam on sunday. If that goes well, I’ll work the rest of the Schweser exams at my own pace till exam day. I’ll have around 210-220 hours (never logged exam hours for CFA or CAIA level 1, so not sure how that compares to my efforts in the past.

I used Uppermark entirely for both Level 1 and 2. You have more than enough time if you are finished with all of the readings and all you are doing between now and the exam are the qbank and mock exams. Grind away!

Thanks for the feedback. Grinding away and hoping for a positive outcome! Good luck to everyone else sitting during this window as well.

I was wondering what everyone has been scoring on:

  1. Schweser Mocks

  2. Uppermark Testbank

  3. CAIA practice exam

I’m only hitting 60s - hope the last week picks up.

Scoring in the low to mid 80’s on the final mock (uppermark)/caia mock. Most of the Q bank questions I am scoring high 80’s/low 90’s. I’m feeling pretty good with just under a week left. Any advice for the last few days of review/studying? I have been going over ethics essay questions, but any other advice from caia charterholders would be very helpful. Thanks guys and best of luck to everyone preparing.

Here are my practice test results, will update:

Schweser test 1 multiple choice: 79

Schweser test 2 multiple choice: 82

Offical CAIA: 80

The free responses have ranged from around 65-85, range due to number of questions.

comments: I had quite a few questions when the answer did not stand out, had to eliminate down to 2 and best guess. Was very nervous going through, unlike CFA 1/2/3 or CAIA 1 but i guess I didn’t study as much for this one. Barely any calculations. Lots of obscure questions… like a memorization test, not my style.

9/14/15, so far satisfied with the tight range but will keep studying and reviewing. Would like to see a 85 on the last Schweser.

I’m scoring in the high 80s/low 90s for the Uppermark Q-bank but haven’t started studying the constructed essay questions yet.

Two questions for you guys:

  1. For the essay questions can we use bullet points or do we have to use complete sentences?

  2. Are there additional mock exams from past years available somewhere online? I just passed CFA level II and I ended up taking 7-8 mock exams and feel like there aren’t many mock exams for CAIA. Uppermark provides one I believe and there is only one available on the CAIA website.

Thanks for the help!


  1. You can write in any form, as long as you provide the answer. CAIA is not looking for you to construct perfect sentences.

  2. UM TestBank software can generate multiple mock exams for you, which will mimic actual exam composition.

Great, thanks for your help blu.

How long do you have on test day to do the free response section? It’s taking me 20-30 mins to knock them out, is that about right?

hpracing007 - You’re given 2 hours for the 3 constructed-response questions.


I’m also finishing them pretty quickly (3 random questions from the Uppermark essay section in under an hour on average.)

Can anyone speak to the difficulty/length of the constructed-response questions on the exam?

The people who sat for the March exam made it sound like it was out-of-this-world difficult. What did you think of September?

Didn’t feel as hard as I expected. Came out of it feeling pretty relaxed but that’s not really a good indicator of performance for me. When do results come out, end of Oct?

MCQ seemed easier than expected, essay section was more difficult/specific than anticipated.




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