CAIA Level II Results Days

Agreed w/ above: used both the CAIA materials as well UpperM (or similar). Test back ~4-5 weeks prior. Particulalrly important is to read the CAIA articles - the UpperM is a good summary of the readings and can highlight some key points, but I still advise reading them (and in some cases re-reading for areas that are more ‘dense’).

What were the percentage pass rates for both?

59% level 1 and 70% level 2, I really dont think the exam for level 2 is easier, its just that the candidate at level 2 is stronger as a whole.

Nice to see this result at Level I. Does anyone know the current number of Members?

There is a definite step up between L1 and L2. I didn’t struggle with L1 at all (I had previously passed CFA L1 and L2) but L2 needed careful preparation and a fair bit of hard work.

I am sure, now the CAIA is getting traction, the examiners will start lowering the L1 pass mark further. I would be surprised if it was over 50% in five years’ time.

@Spark, there’s definitely a trend over time w/ the better designations to 1) grow content - hence difficulty -over time, and 2) attracts more takers, so a lower mean quality ‘drag’ of 1st round takers.

So I too expect lower L I % pass in future - look at where CFA settled.

Second, I wonder if CAIA will end up w/ 3 levels? This motivated me to get off of my arse … ;D

Per President of CAIAA’s congrats email: over 8,000…