CAIA Level II Results Days

I’ve trawled through old posts and these are the results days for CAIA LII that I can find:

Monday 26 April 2016 (37 clear days after final exam)

Tuesday 27 October 2015 (38 clear days after final exam day)

Monday 20 April 2015 (37 clear days after final exam day)

Wednesday 29 October 2014 (39 clear days after final exam day)

Monday 21 April 2014 (37 clear days after final exam day)

Monday 28 October 2013 (37 clear days after final exam day)

Monday 29 October 2012 (37 clear days after final exam day)

Sunday 22 April 2012 (36 clear days after final exam day)

Sunday 23 October 2011 (36 clear days after final exam day)

Sunday 17 April 2011 (36 clear days after final exam day)

Sunday 18 April 2010 (36 clear days after final exam day)

Does anyone have any further to add? Looking at these, my best guess for the current exam cycle results day is 25 April 2016

Too much time on your hands since you aren’t studying for anything?

Quite possibly, although it only took about 10 minutes!


Thx for those data. I too think Apr 25 is the date - which also happens to be ANZAC Day (google it if unknown).

– MM

MM - thanks. I know exactly what ANZAC day is and always pause on it to remember all the brave Australians and New Zealanders who made the ultimate sacrifice to bring freedom to places far away from their homes.

@Sparkm - good on ya mate! Ahhh, missed the UK locale; in the US am used to people not knowing what I am on about. Last year I spent a week driving around C’wealth battlefields/memorials in Flanders and N France (incl Vimy). Just a horrendous level of sacrifice on all sides.

Good luck tomorrow: hope neither of us has to spend our summer months studying for as re-take Sept.

Thanks MM. Not looking like it’s today I guess, as it’s already 1000 on the east coast and no word. Maybe they wait until after the survey is closed. Annoying. I need to plan my summer. Best of luck.

Ignore that. Results are in. Passed…

i got the results from logging into the CAIA website, although no emails yet. think that should count as passed then?

i also got the results from logging in, also passed!!!

Me too. I have passed the exam. I have three crowns. CFA, FRM, CAIA.

What else?

L1 pass rates drop to sub 60 while L2 breaks 70. Lol…passed!

start crushing life, bruh!

Congra to those who have passed level 2 exam, can I ask how difficult do you found the March 2016 exam?

Passed - relieved as I misinterpreted part of Ethics. But crushed other constructed responses. Congrats to fellow candidates who got through; commiserations to re-takers.

No surprise: L3 CFA pass rates > L1, as a lot of candidates get winnowed out a L1 (&L2 CFA). Same for CAIA.

Congrats all on passing! Now can anyone please give advice regarding preparations for level 2? I am planning on using Uppermark books and Test bank?

Would that be enough?

Those are the primary sources I used to pass. I would also recommend using CAIA’s materials on the readings. It’s nice to be able to read the papers along with the notes used in Uppermark books. Also, the CAIA practice exam is a great place to benchmark yourself. If you don’t get the book, keep in mind a lot of municipal libraries/university libraries/ and community college libraries have access to journals, and you can find most of the papers for free if you don’t buy the book and put forth the effort to collect the readings.

I studied using the CAIA materials as well as the Uppermark test bank and felt adequately prepared. Walking out of the exam I questioned whether it was enough, but just passed today so I guess it was!

Congratulations to all those celebrating today!

Thanks guys really appreciate the input and feedback and well done again!