CAIA Level One

I’m a CFA Level 2 candidate, and sitting for Level 1 of the CAIA exam in a couple of weeks. Does anyone who has taken the test have an idea of the level of diffcuilty of the actual exam versus the schweser q-bank questions? I appreciate and help and feedback!

i take it, too. how far are you. I am only 1/3 of the way done. after passing level I CFA, the last thing i wanted to do was study, but i should get some work done today 2 more weeks!!!

Yeah, hear you. I’m done with all the material and doing practice exams and watching the online lectures. Everything seems pretty basic. I hope someone will gives us a good indication of the difficuilty compared to the q-bank questions.

How much prep time does it take to adequately prepare for the exams? How often are they administered? If the curriculum as difficult as the CFA? Thanks. . . it sounds interesting. . . I’d like to know your thoughts on the designation.