CAIA lvl I March 2013 - Who is in?


I have read one-third of the textbook thus far. It seems to be a nice review from the CFA and FRM studies. Since the textbook doesn’t offer any questions, I also signed up for the Schweser Premium package. The online classes start tonight, which is a good way to start the year strong.

Good luck to us all!

Hi! I am in as well :slight_smile: Focusing on Schweser Books and Qbank. Will finish the first book today. I read the original book 2 years ago for fun but I don’t think I will reread it.

Indeed, it seems very doable so far (I did CFA but not the FRM).

Good luck :slight_smile:

I am also in for L1 March 2013. I have been using Schweser books and the Qbank. I am hoping to finish the Real Assets topics tomorrow and move to Hedge Funds on Sunday. Does anyone have any advice or tips on study techniques for L1?..I read in another posting that the curriculum has been expanded as compared to last year.

My colleagues, who passed Level I last September, recommended 2 months of solid preparation and 2 weeks of review prior to the exam. They said the Schweser Q-Bank questions and sample exams were invaluable to passing the exam.

I am using the textbook which is well written. It may take me a little longer to finish, but my experience is that I learn and retain the material better this way. I am using the Schweser online classes, QBank, and sample exams though. My plan is to finish the preparation by the end of February and spend 3 weeks reviewing and practicing questions.

Good luck!

I am in too. After CFA I hope it will be easy and fun ;-), I “read” the book, skipped many pages though. There is the workbook with the “EOC” questions. I have the Schweser too. going through the EOC and summary mainly. Doing Qbank, 50 questions per day, but there is only 1049 quesiton in the bank. They also seem to be very similar if not same as EOC in Schweser books. My strategy is doing questions, as many as possible.

Good luck!