CAIA Results Wait Times

Can someone explain why it takes three weeks to determine who passes and who fails on a computer based, multiple choice exam? Why not use a simple distribution and say anyone above X% passes? I just don’t understand how or why it takes this long.

I think it’s because of a couple of things: 1) there is a curve and they have to assess all the exams to determine it and 2) they have to do question review to determine the curve. Meaning, if a whole lot of people miss the same question, they have to look at the question and see if it should be tossed out. So, if a lot of people who did well on the exam all missed one particular question, then it’s a bad question and it should be taken into account… which then affects the curve.

…and 3) there are comment fields to MC questions which means the examiners will have to look into every single comment that candidates provide and assess their applicability (e.g. to an ambiguous question). Be patient and trust the system :wink:

I did leave a few comments due to questions where I believe I chose the right answer but if I was incorrect left my comments on how the answers is applied and used in my frame of business. I’m hoping that also is a deciding factor for questions and/or questions they ask in the future.

Any idea when’s the result expected for the level 1 exam?

Three weeks after the last date to possibly take the exam. Hoping that means March 30th as the last date to take the exam was March 9th.

Do they release the results on a certain day of the week every year? Like how the CFA results come out on Tuesdays?

After my exam in september last year, i received my result on the Monday of the third week. Earlier than expected

^ Is this true? Any chance we could hear earlier than Friday?


PASSED. Huge relief.


Passed. whew!

My best to everyone.