CAIA Sept 2008 Curriculum/Readings out...

For anyone planning on writing CAIA in September the curriculum/readings list is now showing as updated for the September 2008 exams on their website, FYI. Registration doesn’t open until the 1st though… go figure. Have fun.

just one concern which the CAIA people didn’t answer!! When we register for the test do we get the books like we get it for CFA exam, or we buy the curriculum separate (if there is one??) or we buy the books [think 4 of them] in the market?? Thanks a lot for replying. Anish

The exam registration fee does NOT include the cost of the curriculum readings and candidates remain responsible for covering all expenses associated with the purchase of the readings. The CAIA Association does not sell or maintain an inventory of these readings. They must be purchased from outside vendors. Direct links to several online vendors are provided in the lists below.

Thanks. By “in a list below” you mean the one on the website?

I think he does. That was what I was referring to when posting about the update. Sucks that the Real Estate book is only available from the publisher. The study guide for the exam still isn’t posted… (like I care yet - gotta tackle L2 in June first)

I agree mike. L II has all the priority!! good luck