CAIA Sept 2011 pass rates (L1: 74%, L2: 59%)

Looks like the September CAIA exam pass rates are higher at both levels than they were last year: Level I: 71% in Sept 2010 --> 74% in Sept 2011 Level II: 56% in Sept 2010 --> 59% in Sept 2011 In fact, CAIA pass rates are little different from what they were 4 or 5 years ago. I wonder what happened to the CAIAA advisory board’s desire to “maintain academic rigor” and for the CAIA exam pass rates to “slowly decline” over time.

I believe CAIA is trying to widen it’s base of successful candidates. What I mean is, 150,000 people give CFA each year, even if they decide to fail 80%, thousands still attain the designation. With CAIA, there are a total of a 1000, maybe 2000 per year applying. If they fail 80%, they hardly get 400-500 charters. Lesser charters = Lesser popularity. I came to know about CAIA from someone who already had CAIA. However, CAIA will obviously disagree and say that it was because of their preparations and blah.