CAIA social events - great for networking

For those looking to get into AI, you should start attending these events starting with the Nov. congrats & commiserations events even if you’ve only passed L1. Both me and a friend (who became my mentor) got jobs from networking at this one event in particular. In general, this friend and another CAIA grad said the networking is much better than than the CFA ones. This ended up becoming 1 of 2 main reasons for writing CAIA in the first place.

AI is definitely considered a hidden job market; CAIA and these events are your ticket into the ‘show’. Even for those somewhat in AI (in peripheral roles like fund admin), it can help you break out and work for either the buy/sell side. It did for me and my friends - one’s a risk manager, another a due diligence operator, and I’m at a boutique firm.

Anyone else have success networking at these events?

I’ve just had very interesting conversations with people at these. I’m not currently looking for a job…but they’re fun, it was free food and booze and interesting people so couldn’t say no to that.