What is your view of the importance of a CAIA charter for those in alternative investments (private equity, etc) vs CFA? I thought CFA was enough. Whats to prevent other new charters from popping up and creating an arms race to get as many of these designations as possible to prove one’s worth to employers, etc?

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if you don’t already know, the CAIA is a complement to the CFA. its like having add-ons to your CFA. they’re in no way competing. CFA kills CAIA.

Frank, isn’t 3K+ 500 hours of study for 4 exams a huge opportunity cost simply to have an add-on to the CFA? With those 500 hours, you could also read books on how to network, relate to co workers and movers and shakers. And with that 3K you could attend important networking functions set up by different associations.

The CAIA is around 300 hours of study (more or less) for two exams.