I just finished my CFA level II exam 2011 June. I am considering one more finance-related designation. In your opinion, which one is worth doing? How do you compare the level of difficulty of these two exams? Thanks.

IMO i do not believe either is worth doing.

if you’re interested in hedge funds, PE, commodities, etc go with the CAIA. If you are interested in risk management go for the FRM.

FRM supposes a better comprehension of mathematics.

I have both, and have yet seen the value from either designation :o

what is your current job?

FRM is good if you’re in banking or risk. i work with a guy who used to be a bank regulator, and he has the FRM. its very specific.

a good friend of mine is a president and CRO of a firm, been CRO for other firms in the past. His advice to me: CFA. More specifically, MBA + CFA.

a little bit of his background: MBA from Booth, MS Fin Math from Booth.

I hold both CFA and FRM designations (and a MSc in Finance). A friend/colleague of mine has the CFA and CAIA. You will have much more overlap btw CAIA and CFA than FRM and CFA. I choose FRM because it is much quant oriented, much more than the CFA where the biggest formula has 3 terms (?). SouthFloridaCFA has got it right: if you want to have an edge in alternative investments go for the CAIA. I personnally think that the FRM designation proves decent quantitative skills and valuable knowledge in the B/S of financial companies. Aloha

mp2438 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > a little bit of his background: MBA from Booth, MS > Fin Math from Booth. MBA after MS or MS after MBA ?