Hi All,

I have been researching about RICS courses but could not find anything concrete on how to enrol for them, how to use them and there seem to be multple courses offered by RICS, so which one to opt for.

My role is real estate performance measurement related.Although CFA Program has helped me immensly from knowledge point of view, i guess i need to do something more specific.

so my question is shall i opt for CAIA or RICS certification.

which one would be more helpful from -

  1. Enhancing real estate knowledge( to get hands on knowledge) and

  2. Future job prospects

any input appreciated.



I think RICS certification is generally awarded once you’ve obtained a real estate-related degree/masters from an RICS-affiliated university/program? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I work in real estate also; the CAIA real estate curriculum is dynamic and interesting, but I don’t imagine it will enhance your knowledge thoroughly having worked in the field. It would be of more use if you didn’t have on the job experience.